If you have any questions regarding elections and referenda, they should be directed to the JCR Returning Officer in the first instance. The contact email address is jcr-returning-officer@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk

The role of Overseer is undertaken by the current JCR President. If you have a complaint regarding the actions (or lack thereof) of the JCR Returning Officer, you should make it to the Overseer. The complete set of regulations for the Michaelmas 2015 elections is available here and will be attached in the JCR email.

Presidential Election 2016
Hustings will be held on Wednesday of 5th week. The election will be held on Thursday of 5th week via online ballot. Exact timings will be confirmed in the JCR email.

Rest-of-Committee Elections 2016
Nominations for elections to other JCR committee posts will close on Tuesday of 6th week. To be successfully nominated, candidates must:
– Speak to the previous holder
– Get permission from their personal tutor
– Put two copies of an A4 manifesto in the Returning Officer’s pidge, which must be signed by a proposer and a seconder. The proposer and seconder cannot be running in the elections themselves.

To help speed up the nomination process and ensure candidates do not miss anything out, you are advised to fill in and return the election checklist with your manifesto.

Hustings will take place on Wednesday of 5th week and Wednesday of 6th week respectively. Candidates should prepare a 5 minute speech. There will then be an opportunity for questions. Candidates should also prepare a response to the challenge set by their predecessor (except for the Presidential hustings in which the current JCR President will be setting a challenge).

All students are advised to consult the code of conduct for hustings. In particular, it must be noted that the Returning Officer will overrule inappropriate questions.